Recommended Reading – Practice makes better and how to be more creative

I’ve been feeling so creatively drained lately. It’s taken me a while to realize it, but I think partially this is because I create and create and create without stopping to take some inspiration in.

Inspiration comes in different forms for everyone. For me, I like to mix my creative fuel. I like to see great artwork,  but I also love to read something that makes me think, and helps me see the world from a slightly different angle.

Today, I’m sharing some articles I found helpful and interesting from this week.

Practice makes better – by Muffie Waterman

How to Be Productive Without Working Past Noon – by Tony Stubblebine

The side project survival guide: making time to work on everything as a freelancer – by Michelle

How To Strengthen Your Creative MUSCLE In 42 Minutes A Day – by Barry Davret

What drinking water has taught me about achieving impossible goals. – by Tiffany Sun

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