2021 Calendars – Feathers


$22.00 $20.00

Calendars are a practical, affordable way to have more art on your walls all year long! These 8.5×11 inch calendars open up to be 8.5×22 inches and feature 12 bright, colorful paintings of your and my favorite parrots.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping.




This calendar is saddle stitch bound. The bifold size is 8.5×11 and will expand to 22×8.5 when displayed on the wall. Feel free to clip the art pages out after you’re done with it for some bonus wall art!

All artwork is copyrighted by KC Gillies. Reproduction of any artwork in the calendar is strictly prohibited.

Species list is as follows:

  • Rainbow lorikeet
  • Yellow-tailed black cockatoo
  • Moustached parakeet
  • Peach-faced lovebird
  • Congo African grey
  • Moluccan cockatoo
  • Blue-headed pionus
  • Camelot macaw
  • Blue and gold macaw
  • Green-winged macaw
  • Jardine’s parrot
  • Crimson rosella

Thank you so much for your continued support!

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