Inky Thoughts: J.Herbin

imageWhen I was ready to get my first bottle of ink, I researched and researched for that perfect bottle of black. All of my research lead me to J.Herbin Perle Noire. It’s beautiful, dark black with pleasant purple undertones and so very well behaved. After almost two years and hundreds of hours using it, I’m still incredibly satisfied.

Recently I reached out to J.Herbin to share my love of their ink. They were so kind in response, and sent me some extra bottles of the black ink, as well as a bottles of Gris Nuage and Stormy Grey to try.

I created the wash on this image with Stormy Grey first, followed by a splash of Gris Nuage and another splash of Lie de The (also J.Herbin)

Let me tell you, these are grey inks, but they are beautiful! Gris Nuage is a pencil grey coming out a pen (which in and of itself is fun to use), but in a wash becomes a gorgeous soft purple. Stormy Grey is known to be a pretty ink, dark grey with gold flecks, but it also really shines as a wash. It sparkles!

I’m so grateful to J.Herbin for sharing these inks with me, their generosity has helped me to grow as an artist. It’s given me the opportunity to try something new and experiment freely. Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to seeing how this new style continues to develop.

The wash on this is Stormy Grey and Gris Nuage. I also used Gris Nuage to create the grey scale wings.

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