The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds – Book Review

When I moved to Vietnam, I brought two books with me: Peterson’s Field Guide to the Birds of North America, and The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds. Brushing past the fact that this selection makes me even more of a “bird nerd,” I had good […]

Growing New Ideas

Or, 4 actually useful ways to give your creativity a boost. Where do new ideas come from? Sometimes it feels like we spend all our time chasing ever elusive “inspiration” in the hopes that with it will come our next breakthrough, our next idea, our […]

Recommended Reading – Practice makes better and how to be more creative

I’ve been feeling so creatively drained lately. It’s taken me a while to realize it, but I think partially this is because I create and create and create without stopping to take some inspiration in. Inspiration comes in different forms for everyone. For me, I like […]

Creativity is a Myth

Actually the title is a little misleading. The belief that you need creativity to be creative is a myth. Every single day, I draw. It might be for 15 minute or it might be for 5 hours. But for the last year and half, I’ve […]